Wave-X™ Z

Wave-X™ Z EMI/RF absorbing cable coating consists of Wave-X extruded directly onto the cable eliminating the need for ferrite chokes.

Wave-X ZARC Technologies, a Hexcel company, is proud to offer our latest cutting edge technology specially designed for the cable industry. Wave-X Z is an EMI/RF absorbing cable coating designed to serve many functions and solve a multitude of problematic cable interference issues.

How It Works
In constructing Wave-X Z , ARC Technologies utilizes sophisticated and advanced metallurgical processes, resulting in highly permeable materials designed for maximum RF absorption. With its unique formulation for EMI suppression, Wave-X Z provides versatile solutions that support a wide range of frequency absorption requirements. Wave-X Z EMI noise absorbing materials eliminate signal mode issues in cable assemblies. The WZ series is the only EMI noise absorption technology that can be seamlessly integrated over the wire and directly under the jacket during the manufacturing process. The entire WZ Series product line has been engineered for durability and flexibility, even at low temperatures.


  • Maximize signal integrity
  • Pass compliance testing
  • Eliminate ferrite chokes
  • Streamline cable assemblies
  • Reduce weight
  • Seamless integration with your current cables

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