HexPly® Snap-Cure

HexPly® M77 is a fast-curing epoxy prepreg that enables automotive components and sports goods to be press-cured in 2 minutes at 150° C.

The low tack of HexPly® M77 enables the prepreg to be cut into precise shapes by laser cutter. The individual plies can then be oriented, assembled and consolidated into a flat preform by robot. Once in the mold HexPly® M77 has an optimized gel time that allows the resin to flow into the contours to produce the precise geometries required. The high Tg of 125°C enables the cured parts can be demolded while hot for a faster production cycle.

This rapid-curing product, with a 6-week outlife at room temperature, is available in various forms including unidirectional or woven reinforcements and heavy tow fibers. It is also supplied as HexMC®, Hexcel’s high performance carbon fiber/epoxy compound developed specifically for compression molding processes. HexMC® is ideal for the series production of complex shaped parts with thickness variation, sharp angles or parts that require inserts to be integrated into the molding process such as screw threads.

  • Cures in 2 minutes at 150°C
  • Good balance of mechanical performance/toughness
  • Self-adhesive
  • Long shelf life
  • REACH compliant
  • Designed for high volume production such as the manufacture of skis and automotive components

Snap Cure process