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Polyspeed® Laminates

Polyspeed® laminates are fiber-reinforced epoxy resin impregnated materials, that are supplied in a cured state with established mechanical properties, they are chemically stable and ready-to-use for compounding with foam or adhesives.

Polyspeed® laminates are fiber-reinforced epoxy resin impregnated materials, which are supplied in a cured state. Laminates have high mechanical properties, are chemically stable, and ready-to-use for compounding. Thy are ideal wherever light, strong, durable materials are needed to resist high stresses and strains.

Laminates are used as part of a layer construction to strengthen and absorb physical forces for the manufacture of skis, snowboards and many other industrial applications like floor panels. Markets such as wind energy, automotive, civil engineering, marine, sporting goods and construction benefit from the laminate properties which meet a range of performance requirements. They are suitable for all applications that need to be bonded.

Hexcel manufactures a wide range of press-cured laminates made with unidirectional or multidirectional carbon, glass and aramid reinforcements with weights from 200 to 1700 g/m2. Hexcel also offers hybrid laminates which are combinations of glass, carbon and aramid fibers in order to meet specific customer requirements regarding the mechanical properties.

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Polyspeed® grid laminates

Polyspeed® grid laminates are woven glass fiber epoxy laminate with an open grid structure. This kind of laminate is ideal for combined technologies where reactive liquid systems need to be combined with solid, already cured composite parts.

Grid laminates can be used with wet lay-up and in prepreg and infusion process as structural reinforcement or as production auxiliary materials in infusion processes, such as resin distribution aid or for fixation of dry fabrics.

Benefits for the wind turbine rotor blade manufacture

  • Holds dry reinforcement in place
  • Prevents fabric wrinkling
  • Reduces lay-up time of dry fabric
  • Optimizes the infusion resin flow

Benefits for construction applications:

  • Extend the lifetime of walls and facades
  • Reduce the amount of raw material (e.g. less cementitious material)
  • Enhance stability
  • Save money by saving on fuel during raw material transport – three-times lighter than cementitious
Polyspeed® carbon pultrusion

Unidirectional carbon fiber laminates are manufactured as continuous cross-section profiles with a polyurethane matrix.

  • High specific stiffness and high strain for load carrying parts
  • Great translation of the fiber mechanical properties into the finished structure
  • Excellent stiffness-weight ratio
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