HexPly® SuperCap™

HexPly® SuperCap™ is a range of heavy UD epoxy prepregs in glass and carbon fiber, with 32% resin content, ideal for thick load-carrying parts in wind blades. HexPly® SuperCap™ allows you to combine the advantages of prepreg with infusion technology – providing the best of both worlds.

View our presentation on UD Prepregs for Load Carrying Structures in Infused Blades, from the Sandia 2010 Wind Energy Workshop, Albuquerque

Benefits of HexPly® SuperCap™ prepregs
  • Quick lay-up using heavy UD HexPly prepregs
  • Perfect fiber alignment in the prepreg.
  • No stitching means no fiber damage or buckling of materials.
  • No risk of dry unimpregnated reinforcements
  • Superior laminate performance for structural parts of wind blades.

In production:

  • Excellent exotherm management.
  • Consistent results every time.
  • Uses less material and saves costs.
  • Easy to introduce carbon fiber into the blade design.