Hexcel Advanced Composites, Essential for Aerospace

As part of National Composites Week, Hexcel highlights the essential role its advanced composites have earned within the Aerospace industry over the company’s 72-year history.

Composites have become essential materials in the manufacture of all aircraft, and as such, the commercial aerospace industry is the largest customer for Hexcel’s advanced composites technology. Hexcel supplies every aircraft manufacturer in the world with composite materials, including carbon fiber, honeycomb, and engineered core. From business jets to the world’s largest passenger aircraft, Hexcel materials can be found in primary and secondary structures such as fuselages and wings, next-generation engines and nacelles, aircraft interiors, and more.

Aircraft manufacturers choose composites to:

  • reduce fuel consumption
  • save weight
  • increase payload
  • extend flight range
  • enhance toughness and durability
  • optimize design
  • reduce part count
  • decrease maintenance costs
  • maximize passenger comfort and safety

Aircraft including the A350, A320neo, Boeing 787 Dreamliner, 737 MAX, and the new 777X, are among those realizing the benefits from increased composites content. These aircraft are not only lighter and more durable than their predecessors but also more fuel-efficient.

Hexcel plays a key role in advancing the technologies that make ideas for tomorrow a reality today. Its lightweight, rigid, and quick-curing composite prepregs provide the strength and durability needed while being 40% of the weight of their aluminum counterparts.

Our unrivaled range of products for aerospace include: