Hexcel Advanced Composites, Essential for Marine

As part of National Composites Week, Hexcel highlights the essential role advanced composites have earned within the Marine industry.

Hexcel advanced composite materials were first introduced into the marine industry in the 1970s when the company supplied glass reinforcements for performance boats, canoes, and dinghies. Since then, it has expanded its involvement within the industry to provide an array of products for use in a large variety of areas.

Hexcel formulates and manufactures a range of structural film adhesives for use within the marine market, and those adhesives can be used for quickly bonding structures thanks to their flexible curing temperatures and strong tack.

Racing yachts use more polymer composites than any other marine structure to save weight and give them the potential to reach higher speeds. Yet the use of these materials does not stop there. Their resilience provides safety to sailors in even the harshest of conditions without compromising the weight or hydrodynamic ability of the craft. This is due to composites being easy to sculpt and their super-lightweight properties. Hexcel’s HiMax® carbon and glass non-crimp fabrics became DNVGL certified in May 2020 for use in marine applications.

“Hexcel is pleased to provide high performance composite materials to the marine industry for competitive racing as well as recreational applications enabling high performance and cost effective designs.” – Clint Goolsbay, Technical Sales Development Manager.

 Our unrivaled range of products for marine applications include: